Management System

Management Systems

We facilitate companies all over the world but especially in industrial setups in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Kasur in the implementation of new as well as upgradation of existing ISO certificates such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001. We help our esteemed clients in identifying gaps in an existing management system and work along to develop systems, provide onsite ISO trainings to clients and facilitating for certification audits of Management systems.


We provide consultancy on the latest ISO management standards such as Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Energy Management System (ISO 50001), Occupational Safety Management System (ISO 45001), HACCP etc. Our services include development and implementation of ISO Systems, development of prodcedures, forms assessment, conducting internal audits and management review meeting and facilitating client during Certification body audit.

SPMC provides extensive trainings on the subjects of Environment, ISO Standards series such ISO 14000, ISO 9000, ISO 45000, ISO 50000, Design for Environment, Energy Conservation, Greenhouse Emissions Inventory, Chemical Management, Waste Management, Fire Fighting, Industrial Operations etc.
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Environmental Services

Environmental Services

We facilitate in compliance of the requirements of Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency Balochistan, Environmental Protection Department Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Environmental Protection Agency. We provide engineering consultancy of environmental impact and improvement studies such as Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Hazardous Substance Management Plan (HSMP), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Cumulative Impact Assessments (CIA), design / installation of effluent treatment plant (ETP) / septic tank etc.
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Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Entrepreneurship Development Centre

With the increasing advent of Entrepreneurship in the development of economy by young professionals, SPMCpk has started helping these young entrepreneurs to find and startup a repeatable and a scale business model. This is complemented with formally incorporating these business in Pakistan and providing legal advice in their day to day business operations.

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About US

About http://www.SPMCpk.com

Services, Products and Management Consultants (SPMC-Pakistan), is an environmental services consulting firm based in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide environmental engineering management services and products. 

Our project teams comprise of well qualified civil, chemical, environmental engineers, lawyers and scientists specializing in environmental assessment, waste water engineering, structurl engineering, geotechnical field investigation, HSE supervision, ecology, geology, sociology, finance etc. We also have teams specializing in AutoCAD and Geographic Information Systems.

We provide engineering design consultancy services, software development / products, Environmental Planning and Mitigation  Consultancy to its clients for improving its environmental performances, legal compliance, efficient use of resources such as water, steam, natural gas, chemical use and energy conservation & productivity enhancement at their organizations.

SPMC-Pakistan aims to to deliver best and cost effective environmental engineering and management solutions! We are facilitating our esteemed clients demonstrate compliance with applicable environmental laws by being a socially responsible organization as well as improve their business productivity and revenue streams.

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