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Energy Management & Efficiency Assessment

SPMCpk is presently preparing its resource and team to provide Energy Management & Efficiency Assessment solutions to its clients:


Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need. It is connected closely to environmental management, production management, logistics and other established business functions.

Types & Scope

Energy usage at factories is generated from either one or in combination from the following sources:

  1. Distribution Companies / KE supplied electricity
  2. SSGC / SNGC Natural Gas
  3. Petrol / LPG / Diesel
  4. Wood / Coal

Based on the type of the fuel / supplier, the following types of energy audits / assessment may be conducted:

  1. Electrical Audit
  2. Thermal Audit
  3. Steamtrap Audit
  4. Motor Assessment
  5. Compressed Air System
  6. Detailed Energy Audit


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Actions for Improvement:

  1. Motor Actual v/s. Rated Consumption
  2. Use of High Efficiency motors
  3. Motor rewinding issues
  4. Boiler combustion efficiency
  5. Boiler Loading
  6. Boiler TDS v/s. Blow down (bottom / continuous) Control
  7. Boiler Water treatment (anti scalant / Oxygen Scavenger)
  8. Condensate and Flash Steam Recovery
  9. Steam distribution system
  10. Steam trap assessments
  11. Steam / Condensate line insulation
  12. Steam / Electric Heating / cooling system
  13. Condensate recovery (ogden pump)
  14. Generator Loading v/s. torque control
  15. Generator waste heat recovery
  16. Generator Jacket Cooling
  17. Generator Synchronization
  18. Power Factor at Generation as well as Mill Side
  19. Electric distribution losses
  20. Electric phase balancing
  21. Harmonics Control
  22. Voltage drops at Distribution Boxes
  23. Compressor (central v/s. distributed) system
  24. Compressed air leakages
  25. Energy efficient Lighting system (greater PF lights, LED etc.)
  26. Replacement of Fluorescent lamps
  27. Electronic Ballast v/s. Magnetic Ballast
  28. Ceiling fixtures height assessment
  29. Installation of skylights
  30. Installation of Occupancy sensors
  31. Automatic Scheduling of Light operation / Dimming devices

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We are also working on Energy Checklist and Excel spreadsheets. We hope that these will be completed soon and intend to upload them here. Keep checking for updates.

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